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Rustic Garden Table w/ Removable Bins!

Rustic Garden Table w/ Removable Bins!

SKU: Handmade in America!

My largest one! This beautiful garden table is made of refurbished wood. It is finished with double coats of clear coat spar urethane to last for decades in any weather. Start planting and gardening today!

The left and right upper deck panels are removable, as well as the fertilizer bins for easy use when emptying and filling!

55 H x 44 L x 24 inches W. The upper deck height is 34 inches.

Military discounts available... and WELCOME HOME!!


**ALL proceeds after material costs go to finding a cure for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) which has destroyed our family and many, many others.**


Thank YOU for supporting small businesses... like mine! 


If it says Not in Stock is just means I don't have one available right now, but I can certainly build you one. Goes for all my products,

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