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"Naked In The Middle of a Tornado: A True Story"

"Naked In The Middle of a Tornado: A True Story"

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Having a bad day??? Read this inspiring book...


A TRUE STORY: This book is called, "Naked in the Middle of a Tornado: The True Story of One Family's Unbelievable Fight To Never Give In!". From the day Rob was born on Friday the 13th during the 1965 Watts riots in Los Angeles, to losing his mom at age 9, to numerous health crises including a kidney transplant, and then a colon rupture, you may be surprised where he is today.


Some would say Rob's life has been rough, he would say his life has been blessed. And though he's accomplished much, Rob believes there is still so much more hard work to be done. Join him on his journey to... NEVER GIVE IN!


This book will touch all of your emotions.


Available here, or through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc., or ask for it at your book store. Thank you!


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