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LED ¨Christ¨ Sign - Instruction Booklet

LED ¨Christ¨ Sign - Instruction Booklet

SKU: 364215375135191

These are DIY, how-to instructions to make this spectacular visual display. This "CHRIST" sign is painted red with red LED lights, while the "T" is gold with clear LED lights. (Colors and LED lights can be changed to suit personal preference.)


A unique and fun DIY project for yourself, or with kids, the grandkids, and/or neighborhood kids! 


The Cross ("T") can be separated from the rest of the sign to use solely as a Cross "T" for Easter, Christmas, and other holidays and/or events, or as a bright expresssion of your faith.


*We also sell the instructions for an entire LED ¨Merry Christmas¨ sign, or just the Cross (the ¨T¨) in Christ. All can be interchangeable. 


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